Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio

Why This Variety of Pistachio is Called Ahmad Aghaei?

Rafsanjan city is one of the most famous pistachio producing cities in Iran and even the world. As we said, one of the most important pistachio varieties is Ahmad Aghaei variety. The reason for naming this product goes back to the time when a person named Ahmad Agha Froutan, from Ahmadiyeh Nooq (one of the districts of Rafsanjan), identified this variety for the first time.

Why Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio is So Famous?

The kernel of this type of pistachio is one of the tastiest kernels among all types of pistachios. In addition, among other reasons that a pistachio can gain a lot of popularity, is the easy access to its kernel. This type of pistachio is very suitable because its hard shell is completely open, so it has gained a lot of popularity. Among other reasons that make this pistachio suitable is its long and beautiful shape. All these reasons make Ahmad Aghaei pistachio the most luxurious pistachio for parties. The suitable shape of this pistachio makes it a suitable option for making pistachio slices. This kind of tasty and beautiful pistachio is used for export (especially to the Arab states of the Persian Gulf) and the ice cream industry.

What Are the Characteristics of Ahmed Aghaei Pistachio?

If you intend to buy this type of pistachio, you should consider that as we said, this type of pistachio is mostly used in gatherings. For easier recognition of this type, you need to know at least a few of its features.

  1. The first and most obvious feature of this type of pistachio is the appearance of its shell. Ahmed Aghaei Pistachio is long.
  2. Its shell is widely open (its kernel can be easily seen).
  3. The surface color of its kernel is bright red to purple.
  4. The color of the inside kernel part it is jade green.
  5. The color of its shell is bone white (very light).
  6. Its husk color is also bright red when ripe.

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