Akbari Pistachio

Akbari Pistachio

Why This Variety of Pistachio is Called Akbari?

As you know, Iran is one of the largest and most famous pistachio producers in the world and owes its fame to its high-quality pistachio varieties. Akbari pistachio can be considered the most famous variety among all pistachio varieties in Iran. The name of this pistachio is taken from the name of its creator, “Haj Akbar Besanjideh” known as “Akbar Tajabadi”. This type of pistachio appeared when Mr. Besanjideh (Tajabadi) was busy transplanting pistachio trees to one another, and because of its beautiful shape and excellent taste, it soon gained world fame.

Features of Akbari Pistachio

  1. The first and most obvious feature of this pistachio is its elongated and rectangular shape.
  2. Its husk color is bright red when ripe.
  3. The color of its hard and bony shell is dark cream.
  4. The color of the pistachio kernel is purple-brown.
  5. The dominant color of its kernel is bright yellow.
  6. The level of openness of its shell is high and appropriate. (Access to its kernel is very easy).

Why Is Akbari Pistachio Internationally Well-Known?

The kernel of this type of pistachio has a very beautiful and elongated shape, and it is very suitable in size. In fact, it can be another reason for the popularity of this type of pistachio. In addition to its beautiful shape, the pistachio kernel is very tasty and delicious, and it is almost impossible to resist its roasted varieties!

One of the reasons that adds to the fame and popularity of these nuts is the very easy access to its kernel.

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