Features of Bunch Saffron

Features of Bunch Saffron

To prepare this type of saffron, the hardworking farmers separate the saffron threads from the petals, put them together and dry them.

Then the threads are tied with a band so that it remains in shape and preserves the shape and color of the threads. (For this purpose, white string is usually used so that the chemical colors of the string are not transferred to the saffron threads).

The full batch of saffron consists of three parts:

  1. The white part which is the lowest part and is known as “saffron root”.
  2. The yellow part, which is between the white and red parts.
  3. The red stigma is the Sargol Saffron and most people know it as saffron.

Bunch saffron is sold in the market in two arrangements of the single-strain and double-strain. In the single-strain arrangement, the stigma and style are placed on top of each other, but in the double-strain arrangement, the stigmas are in the middle and the styles are on both sides.

Features of Bunch Saffron

As mentioned above, Bunch Saffron consists of different parts and types of saffron, and as a result, it has all the different properties of saffron completely.

The Impossibility of Cheating in the Preparation of Bunch Saffron

In the Negin Saffron, which is prepared only from the stigma and red part of saffron, the possibility of fraud is very high, and dealers paint the yellow and white parts of the root of saffron with the same color as the Sargol saffron, so that its weight is more than the actual amount.

If we ignore the effects of these chemical colors and the damage they can cause to people’s health, we must say that these fake saffron will not have the desired aroma, color and properties.

But in bunch saffron, because all parts of saffron are seen together, as a result, these frauds have no chance to cheat and manipulate, and you can be sure of the quality of the bunch saffron you buy.

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