Kaleh Ghoochi Pistachio

Kaleh Ghoochi Pistachio

Why This Variety of Pistachio is Called Kaleh Ghoochi?

In general, the name of agricultural products, especially pistachio, is taken from the area of cultivation, the person who cultivated it for the first time, or their shape and size. The name of this pistachio is Kaleh Ghoochi (Persian for ram’s head) because its shape is very similar to a ram’s head. Of course, the Kaleh Ghoochi pistachio is also known as “Haj Sharifi” pistachio in the market. The reason for this naming was a person named Haj Ali Sharifi, who for the first time identified and cultivated this variety of pistachio in the village of Dehno, Rafsanjan.

What Are the Characteristics of Kaleh Ghoochi Pistachios?

  • The shape of this pistachio is round and spherical.
  • The size of the kernel is large and it is heavy, therefore it has a low ounce.
  • The husk color of this pistachio is red-brown when the fruit is ripe.
  • The top color (coating) of its kernel is grayish green.
  • The color of its hard shell is slightly dark bone white

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