Narmeh Saffron

Narmeh Saffron

Narmeh Saffron

When the saffron stigmas are separated from the saffron flower, they will be dried. In time of its transportation, some large stigmas of saffron are crushed and these broken saffron is called Narmeh saffron.

Features of Narmeh Saffron

The Narmeh saffron has exactly the same color, smell and aroma as Negin or Sargol saffron. The only difference is its appearance. The quality and coloring of Narmeh saffron is the same as Sargol saffron, and only its broken appearance makes this type of saffron cheaper than other mentioned types. 

Due to the economical price of broken saffron compared to Sargol saffron, there are many people who use Narmeh saffron a lot, such as: restaurant owners who use it as the main seasoning for their food, as well as confectionaries, reception halls and caterings.

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