We wholesale more than one variety of the world's best quality saffron.

Saffron is one of the most valuable and demanded spices.

We handle everything for you!

We handle everything for you! We at The Gardeny are proud to offer carefully designed products crafted to suit our commercial clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.

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We can request all kinds of saffron you need. The world's best and largest saffron producer is from Iran.

Features of Bunch Saffron

To prepare this type of saffron, the hardworking farmers separate the saffron threads from the petals, To

Pushal Saffron

Typically, at the time of harvesting saffron, the stigmas are separated from the lower part of the red section, which is called style.

Narmeh Saffron

When the saffron stigmas are separated from the saffron flower, they will be dried. In time of its transportation, some large

Super Negin Saffron

If we want to provide a good definition of Super Negin Saffron, it can be said that the Super Negin Saffron is a form of Negin Saffron that its stigmas are dried thick and completely smooth and straight

Sargol Saffron

This type of saffron is the product of sifting and cleaning the Pushal or Bunch Saffron in a special way, during which only the stigma of saffron remains. But because there is a possibility of breaking the stigma
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Thousands of delicate flowers are carefully collected for you


It is dried by leaving it to the required temperature.


It is packaged untouched for wholesale and retail sale.


It is ready for you to use in tea and various dishes for your incredible taste.