Pushal Saffron

Pushal Saffron

Typically, at the time of harvesting saffron, the stigmas are separated from the lower part of the red section, which is called style. Therefore, apart from the red part, a stigma also has an orange-yellow part. When there is about 1 to 3 mm of style in one branch, it is called Pushal saffron. This category of saffron has more stigma and as a result it will have a higher coloring power (between 170 and 250 units).

The existence of the yellow part in Pushal saffron is a sign of the originality of saffron in the eyes of many consumers and buyers. Because connecting the stigma to the style is a strong proof of the health and originality of the saffron string, and in this way the buyer will be sure that (s)he is not buying fake saffron.

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