Sargol Saffron

Sargol Saffron

Features of Sargol Saffron:

This type of saffron is the product of sifting and cleaning the Pushal or Bunch Saffron in a special way, during which only the stigma of saffron remains. But because there is a possibility of breaking the stigma during the process of turning the Pushal or Bunch Saffron into a saffron, this type of saffron is a bit thin and its weight-to-volume ratio is higher than other types of saffron.

Other Features of Sargol Saffron:

  1. It has a good color.
  2. Its threads shall be separated from each other and it must not be stuck together.
  3. The stigmas are completely separate.
  4. The stigma should be completely red without a particle of whiteness.

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