Super Negin Saffron

Super Negin Saffron

If we want to provide a good definition of Super Negin Saffron, it can be said that the Super Negin Saffron is a form of Negin Saffron that its stigmas are dried thick and completely smooth and straight. To distinguish the Semi-Negin Saffron and Super Negin Saffron, you should take a good look at the saffron threads.

    The Negin saffron is used for better coloring and to increase the taste and aroma of food. Among other uses of Nagin saffron, the following can be mentioned:

    • Use as a natural colorant
    • Use as flavoring in syrups
    • Use in different stews and rice
    • Use in some local and regional sweets and cookies
    • Use as flavoring in tea

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